“Golden Glow” Bluebonnet Painting by Texas Artist Niki Gulley


“Golden Glow,” Texas Hill Country ©2020 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 24″ x 12″ textured oil painting

Just sold through the Good Art Company Gallery! Last spring we loaded up the car and headed south to visit the Texas Hill Country to see the wildflowers in bloom. It’s so exciting to see a massive carpet of blue across our usually green hills, and I love how the bluebonnets signal that spring has arrived!

On our drive through the Willow City Loop, I was drawn to this one lone tree on the horizon glowing from the sun as it was setting.  Waves of bluebonnets lead your eye into the distance towards that late light illuminating the wildflower filled hill and oak tree. Adding pops of color where the rainbow of wildflowers danced in between the blue also keeps your focus moving from foreground to background. I hope you can feel the joy and energy of springtime in Texas!

I painted these Texas Bluebonnets and wildflowers with extremely thick oil paint and palette knives to achieve depth and texture. The resulting image comes to life and is loaded with color and movement.

For information on my Texas hill country landscape paintings, please check out NikiGulley.com,

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