Autumn’s Pulse

“Autumn’s Pulse” ©2009 Niki Gulley
11″ x 14″ oil painting

This painting is all about color. I love the reds contrasted against the gray-greens!

Email me for more information or visit this painting at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas.

Rocky Mountain Aspens

Rocky Mountain Aspens

“Rocky Mountain Aspens” ©2009 Niki Gulley</span>
11″ x 14″ oil painting

I like pushing color to its limits, so in this Colorado painting I wanted to capture the dramatic glow from the sun setting and reflecting on the fall aspens in contrast to the deep blues of the distant Rockies.

For more information on Rocky Mountain Aspens, e-mail me at, or you can see this painting hanging at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas through November.

Muted Hues

“Muted Hues” ©2009 Niki Gulley
36″ x 36″ oil on canvas

I paint a lot of bold fall foliage scenes from Colorado and farther north, but I wanted this painting to have a more peaceful feel so I used much softer, more muted color palette to add to that mood. For more information on Muted Hues, e-mail me at or you can see this painting hanging at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas.

Bluebonnets & Texas Wildflowers

“April Blooms III” ©2009 Niki Gulley 7″ x 5″ oil

Here is another bluebonnet scene that I happened across while visiting Cleburne in the springtime. I was attracted to the quaintness of the stone cottage at the top of the hill and the bluebonnets blooming below, with a few other wildflowers dotting the hillside. For more information on this painting, email me at Or, you can also see this painting and other bluebonnet scenes at the Dutch Art Gallery as part of the Texas Daily Painters show. If you missed the reception on Saturday, you’ve got to stop by the show! There were so many wonderful paintings and I really enjoyed meeting all of the Texas artists who made it to the opening.

April Blooms

“April Blooms” ©2009 Niki Gulley
7″ x 5″ oil

This little painting was inspired by last year’s bluebonnets in Ennis. I almost thought I was looking at a lake from the distance and when we drove closer, the lake turned out to be thousands of wildflowers! I’ll be displaying this piece and several others at the Daily Painters of Texas show at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, which starts today and continues through Nov. 30th. This is an amazing group of talented artists, and I am honored to be part of their show. I hope you can stop by the gallery this afternoon for the reception!

“Rue de Colour,” Alsace, France ©2009 Niki Gulley 11″ x 14″ oil

Before we stopped in Paris, we visited the Alsace region on the eastern edge of France near the German/Swiss border. Known for their sweet white wines and pastel colored cross-timber houses, we fell in love with the area. In this quiet spot we enjoyed a delicious quiche and a glass of riesling, and I just had to capture the moment!

I’m excited to unveiling this piece and several others from our European and Asian adventures this year at our East Meets West collector’s party Friday night, and continuing throughout the weekend as part of the White Rock Artists’ Studio tour. For more information about the studio tour and to see my featured painting, visit

We’d love to see you this weekend!

Secret Embrace, Paris

“Secret Embrace,” Paris ©2009 Niki Gulley
oil painting • 11″ x 14″

Paris is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world. So in this painting, I really wanted to convey that magic and romance. Between the ethereal fountains, the blue glow from twilight, the twinkling of the night lights, and a pair of lovers stealing a kiss in the shadows, I am transported back to our first perfect night in Paris.

To see more of my new paintings from Paris, visit I’ll also have these on display at the White Rock Artists’ Studio Tour, where over 40 artists working around White Rock Lake in Dallas open their homes & studios for the public to see. Stop by our studio Sat. or Sun. Oct. 17th & 18th from 10am – 5pm and we’ll supply maps for the rest of the tour. We look forward to seeing you then!

Flower Shops in Paris

“Fresh Flowers,” Paris ©2009 Niki Gulley
8″ x 10″ oil painting

Not as frequent as the corner café, but still prevalent in each neighborhood in Paris, you’ll find the local flower shop. In this painting I was drawn in by the beautiful blooms adorning the sidewalk. I like the contrast of the reds, yellows and whites of the flower bouquets against the brilliant cobalt blue of the building.

For more information on this paint, e-mail me at

Paris Cafés

“Café de Flore” ©2009 Niki Gulley
8″ x 10″ oil painting

This café scene was inspired from our spring trip to Paris. The corner café is such a quintessential ingredient in Parisian life, that it was one of the first subjects I just had to paint from our journey. I love how you can sit for several hours in the afternoon sipping your coffee, people watching and decompressing without anyone rushing you. In this painting, I wanted to capture this brief moment in time on a typical day in Paris.

If you’d like to see this painting or more Paris scenes from our trip, we will be unveiling our new work from Asia and Europe at our collectors party, East Meets West, on Oct. 16th. And, continuing on Oct. 17th and 18th as part of the White Rock Artists’ Studio tour in Dallas. Please stop by and we will provide maps for the 40 other artists on the tour this year.

Plein Air Painting/ Photography Workshop – Venice, Italy

12″ x 10″ oil by Niki Gulley • SOLD

I actually completed this piece in May as part of our Plein Air / Photography Workshop that my husband, Scott Williams, and I led in Venice, Italy. We had painted several other grand locations, but decided on day three to paint a more intimate vignette of the canals. Since the whole city is on water, I love how their “garage doors” are actually for thier boats! In this painting, I wanted to focus on all of the wonderful architectural textures and age of the homes as seen in the peeling stucco, crumbling bricks and weathered wood.

To view more of my paintings from Italy and see some of my students’ work from our Venice Workshop, stop by our gallery in Dallas as part of the White Rock Artists’ Studio Tour, Oct. 17th & 18th. We also still have a few places open for our next Venice Workshop in May 2010, with the deadline fast approaching. We’d love to have you join us! For more information on the workshop, visit

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