Cottonwood Art Festival this Weekend

"Transformation" by Niki Gulley • 48" x 60" oil painting
"Transformation" by Niki Gulley • 48" x 60" oil painting

After a month of painting in the studio, I’m excited to see everyone at Cottonwood Art Festival this weekend and hear your thoughts on my new work. In its 40th year, Cottonwood is one of my favorite art shows with only the highest quality artists, and set in a lovely tree-lined park in Richardson, Texas. I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Cottonwood Art Festival
Sat. Oct. 3 • 9am – 6pm
Sun. Oct. 4 • 9am – 6pm
Richardson, TX • Cottonwood Park at Coit & Beltline

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Harmonious Hues II

“Harmonious Hues” Series by Niki Gulley
oil on canvas • 12″ x 12″

Here are two more textured oil paintings in my new aspen series that I’ll be showing for the first time at the Cottonwood Art Festival Oct. 3rd and 4th. After working on larger, more detailed landscapes, I love painting these small, energetic pieces. They are so freeing!

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Harmonious Hues

“Harmonious Hues” series by Niki Gulley
oils on canvas • 12″ x 12″

I am really excited about the new paintings I’ve been creating for the Cottonwood Art Festival. I started playing around with thick oil paint and lots of texture early last spring, and the positive response to this new style has been incredible!

Here are a couple of my new seasonal foliage paintings. I love the peeling, knobby bark of the birch trunks, and I feel like I can really recreate that sense of texture by working with thick oil paint and palette knives. I hope you can stop by the Cottonwood Art Festival in Dallas Oct. 3rd & 4th to view them in person, since it’s hard to see their dimension on the computer screen. Each oil painting is 12″ x 12″ and they look great in pairs or threes. I’d love to hear your feedback!


8″ x 10″ oil painting by Niki Gulley

I set up a still life of sunflowers for my adult art class to paint last week and everyone’s work turned out great! The flowers were beautiful and just the bit of sunshine we needed. Here is one of the studies I completed while demonstrating for the class.

My next set of classes starts Tuesday, Oct. 20th and continues through Nov. 24th from 12:30-2:30 pm and 7-9 pm. I have just a couple of spots left in either class, so if you’d like to join us, contact me soon!

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Heavenly Aromas

“Heavenly Aromas” ©2009 Niki Gulley

oil painting • 18″ x 48″

Pictured is another one of my new textured floral fields. Can you smell the lavender?

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Sunflower Fields

“Sunny Memories” by Niki Gulley
oil painting • 18″ x 48″

I’ve been working on a couple of large pieces for the last month and I’m excited to share the first one with you! There is something about seeing a massive field of flowers that causes me to gasp in awe. I just love the brilliant burst of color. These sunflowers are one of my first in the new series created with palette knife and extremely thick paint. For more information, contact me at

Aspen Study

“Aspen Study” by Niki Gulley • oil painting • 7″ x 5″
Another aspen study using the palette knife and extremely thick oil paint.

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Birch Study II

Birch Study II by Niki Gulley • oil 7″ x 5″

Here is another palette knife creation. I’m having fun being less literal in my birch interpretations and focusing more on color and shape, and letting the viewer’s imagination fill in the rest.