“Tomorrow’s Dreams” Four 30″ x 30″ canvases to form a 60″ x 60″ quadriptych • textured mixed media on canvas


Currently, I am playing with multiple layers and extremely thick paint, creating three-dimensional canvases that flow with light, energy and color. My goal is to lift people’s spirits and instill a sense of hope and serenity by bringing the cathartic feelings of being out in nature into your home. 

May you escape into a quiet walk in the woods or be transported to an uplifting field bursting with wildflowers. Enjoy laying on the ground without a care in the world, staring up into the treetops and dreaming about what’s to come. Or, just revisit memories of some of the favorite places you’ve been. I want you to feel a sense of joy and peace when you gaze into my work!

Focusing on showing the landscape in a unique way, my highly textured paintings are a twist on reality with nature somewhat abstracted, leaving interpretation up to your imagination. Layers and layers of paint cause my paintings to dance with light and dimension, while surprising impressionistic color pops allow you to see something different every time you look at my paintings. Bold expressionistic strokes convey the emotions and energy of being surrounded by nature’s majesty.

Besides these larger sculptural paintings, I also have a gallery on my website displaying my smaller pieces that I create on site from our travels throughout Europe and most recently, Iceland, Portugal and France. Full of spontaneity and emotion, I feel like these location paintings really bring the memories of traveling to life.

Lastly, our Art Treks were a huge success and much needed treat this year! In 2022, we are bringing back our popular Foodie Trek to Tuscany and a brand new Art Trek to Alsace, France. In 2023, we will be returning to Carnival in Venice and Provence during lavender season, in addition to our most popular U.S. Trek to Vermont for gorgeous fall foliage. Spaces fill up quickly, so let us know if you would like to come along or if you have any questions. Check out our Art Treks website for more details, ArtTreks.org. We’d love to have you join us on one of these exciting adventures!


Alsace, France – Aug. 2022
FoodieTrek – Tuscany, Italy – Oct. 2022
Carnivalé – Venice, Italy – Feb. 2023
Provence, France – June/July 2023
Vermont Fall Foliage – Oct. 2023
 – Niki Gulley


Niki Gulley was classically trained for six years in all 2-D media, starting with drawing from life and completing her studies with oil painting at a private art school in Chicago, IL. She continued her art education at SMU in Dallas for another 4 years. Taking the traditional lessons she learned from the Old Masters and Impressionist techniques, she incorporates a contemporary flare to bring a unique, modern feel to her creations. Gulley works with only the highest quality archival museum materials. Whether working in oils or acrylics, each painting may take up to weeks or months to create since she builds up multiple layers to establish the luminosity and textural depth associated with her 3-dimensional impressionistic paintings.
Gulley’s artwork not only has a loyal local following, but is also collected around the globe. She has exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art, and in commerical galleries from New York City to the West coast. Currently, she is represented by AO5 Gallery in Austin, TX, The Good Art Company in Fredericksburg, TX, Brandon Jacobs Gallery in Kansas City, MO, The Statton Gallery in Eureka Springs, AR and Studio Seven Arts in Pleasonton, CA. Besides exhibiting in competitive national, international and museum exhibitions, her award-winning paintings are also hanging at Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Prime Lending Corporate Headquarters and Northstar Bank of Texas. Gulley is also a member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America Society and the American Impressionist Society.
In addition to painting for almost 20 years full-time in her Dallas studio, Gulley and her husband, Scott Williams, lead painting and photography workshops and Foodie Treks all over Europe through www.ArtTreks.org