“Shift Change” Dallas Landry’s Seafood, pastel by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Shift Change, Dallas West End – Pastel 12″X18”
© Niki Gulley

Lights glitter from their hiding places, nestled among the branches, mimicking the gleam of the stars high overhead. The wait staff gather outside, savoring the cool air, their work for the day done. Having left the fast paced world inside of Landry’s, they take a moment, and a breath, unwinding with a chat.

The pastels in this piece help the light bleed into the dark, capturing well the inviting warmth of Landry’s Seafood. In this scene we get to a changing of the guard, one no less important than any other. The lines guide you in, much like the pedestrians wandering into the scene.

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