“Lucky’s Cafe”, a long time Dallas diner, pastel by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Lucky’s Cafe” Dallas, TX – pastel 12″X18″
© Niki Gulley
Friends sit and gaze at the mass of beauty and indecision that is the menu. The fear of missing out on any number of delectable dishes makes it nearly impossible to chose. Their eyes waver between the menu in their hands and the massive chalk board that dominates the far wall. Mom’s meatloaf? Good Luck Reuben? And who could pass up the Sleaziest, Cheesiest, Grilled Cheese in Town? But, then, it is found: Chicken Fried Steak, a delicious staple of home-style comfort food.

Every once and a while, it’s nice to share a little home-town spirit. Coming from Dallas, I thought it would be nice to capture a local favorite, Lucky’s Cafe, on Oaklawn Ave. Even outside, you can feel the energy that emanates from within and cuts through the heavy blanket of night.

The pastels in this piece help to bring out the warmth and light that fills every corner of this treasure of Dallas.  A very quaint piece.
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