“Perched on High” Palette Knife Painting from Tuscany by Niki Gulley


“Perched on High,” Tuscany ©2021 Niki Gulley

SOLD • 16″ x 20″ textured oil painting on canvas panel

Just Sold! Painted during our Tuscany Foodie Trek that we lead, I had been admiring this view from the back of our villa that we stay at over the course of the week. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking with 360 degree views of rolling hills and valleys, dotted by olive groves and quintessential Tuscan farmhouses. In particular, I was attracted to this stone house with its window awning casting a diagonal shadow across its facade, nestled in between cypress, and the rolling countryside as a backdrop behind it. Painted late in the day, the sun was beginning to set creating gorgeous colors in the sky and casting a golden glow on everything it kissed in the foreground. May you be transported to the magic of Tuscany!


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