Palette Knife Artist Niki Gulley Painting Roses in Her Garden

“Moving Expectations III” ©2022 Niki Gulley
20″ x 30″ Textured Mixed Media on Canvas

As my garden kept evolving this spring, I was treated every day to a new blossoming surprise! After my irises were complete, I was greeted by the most gorgeous roses I’ve seen since I planted them 5 years ago. So, of course I had to go out and capture those beauties before they disappeared. 

 Wanting to create pieces that are full of joy, energy, texture and light, I painted the blooms large to add to that feeling of hope and exuberance. Choosing to leave the background airy and working with thick layers of white on white paint, multi-colored roses dance across the canvas with spontaneity and freedom. I hope these paintings bring the beauty of nature inside and fill your spirit with light and cheer.

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