New Uplifting Poppy Field Painting by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley


“Blossoming Joy” ©2022 Niki Gulley

24″ x 12″ textured mixed media on canvas

I wanted to capture the rhythm, color, and joy of prolific poppies flowing along this blossoming hillside. Set beneath a colorful sky with a few clouds drifting by on a beautiful day in springtime, wildflowers are in full bloom. Making sure to not over blend my thick strokes so that you could see the marks and feel the energy found in nature, Blossoming Joy is loaded with texture, vibrant hues and movement. Vertical diagonal rows of ruby jewel tones lead your eye into the distance, inviting you to stroll amongst the gorgeous tapestry. Arranging the blooms vertically is designed to lift your spirits and add joy to your home.
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