New “Rural View IV” Palette Knife Painting by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Rural View IV” ©2019 Niki Gulley
 9″ x 12” textured oil painting

our journey along the west coast of Iceland, I was taken by their
simplistic architecture, often topped with bright red roofs to add a pop
of color to the natural landscape. In the next several paintings,
you’ll see I chose a different house or barn each day and set out to
capture its shape, the colors and light hitting the structure, and the
picturesque, idyllic, quiet scenery surrounding the building in all
directions. Here is my last one, where we got up to capture sunrise. The
setting had such a beautiful glow to it that I wanted to recreate that
warmth in the foreground and sky contrasted against the cool distant
mountains. Created with palette knife and oil paint, this piece is full
of surprising pops of color, texture, energy and joy.

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