New “Falling Water” by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Falling Water” ©2019 Niki Gulley
16″ x 12” textured oil painting

My husband and I both LOVE waterfalls, and we try to visit them whenever we can find them on our adventures. This beautiful cascade turned out to
be right in my husband’s backyard where he grew up. We were in New York
visiting his hometown, and having grown up in a city, I couldn’t
believe this gorgeous spectacle was right outside his door! Not far from
Niagara falls, this massive water flow crashed and glided along the
intricate rock formations rushing into the river far below. The sound of
water rushing was so energetic and peaceful at the same time, and I
wanted to capture that invigorating feeling in my painting. Setting up
my easel at its base, I set out to recreate the energy and flow of the
cascades while showing some of the lush vegetation surrounding them.
Creating strokes in diagonal sweeping shapes to enhance that feeling of
movement and rhythm, I hope you, too, can hear the flowing water’s music
and feel the gentle spray from its mist.

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