New “Ruby Road” Palette Knife Poppy Painting by Niki Gulley

“Ruby Bouquet” ©2020 Niki Gulley
12″ x 16” textured oil painting

I absolutely love it when I come across a whole field of wildflowers – there is something about the transformation of a single dainty flower into a dense explosion of color that inspires awe and delights your senses. Inspired by our travels to Italy, cypress trees rise out of the vast open landscape signaling that you have arrived in Tuscany! Perched on a hilltop with its long curving driveway, this villa is set against the perfect backdrop for a romantic escape. Rows of ruby blooms draw your eye back to the rolling hills and beautiful billowing clouds. Painted with palette knife and thick oil paint, this canvas is loaded with movement, color and dimension.

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