New “Reaching for the Sun” Sunflower Painting by Niki Gulley

Reaching for the Sun” ©2020 Niki Gulley
24″ x 12″ textured mixed media painting on canvas

I painted these sunflowers right in my backyard. We patiently awaited as we watched them grow practically 6 inches every day, thinking any minute they would bloom. They were so fun to watch! Blossoms the size of dinner plates, chased the sun and smiled at us from the backyard. I had to go out over the course of several mornings and capture all of that happy beauty. Loaded with texture and energy, these flowers practically spring to life from the canvas! 

I’m excited to have been invited to exhibit at Studio Seven Arts in Pleasanton, CA. If you’d like to see or find out more details about Reaching for the Sun, please check them out:

Studio Seven Arts Gallery

400 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA

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