Tuscany Plein Air Painting Workshop with Niki Gulley

“Crimson Waves” ©2011 Niki Gulley
Textured Oil on Wrap Around Canvas, 18” by 48”- Tuscany

Red headed poppies nod and wave, basking in spring sunshine, nestling in the green, rolling hills of Tuscany. Tall and straight against the cerulean sky cypress trees stand like sentinels on guard, perhaps lining the path to an ancient stone farmhouse? It’s Tuscany: fertile, fruitful and filled with stunning vistas in every direction.

You can paint and photograph these very views if you hurry! The deadline of April 9th for our Tuscany Workshop is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on an amazing trip! Space is filling up quickly and there are a few spaces left so that you can experience Tuscany yourself. See nikigulley.com/?page_id=13 for details or e-mail Niki Gulley for more information.

To see more of my paintings, go to NikiGulley.com.