Painting and Photographing Godafoss Waterfall on Niki Gulley’s and Scott Williams’ Art Trek to Iceland


“Cascades III” ©2022 Niki Gulley
9″ x 12” textured oil painting on canvas panel
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Iceland Art Trek: Plein Air Painting and Photography Workshop led by Niki Gulley and Scott Williams
Day 5 – Godafoss


That evening we arrived in time to witness sunset over the massive Godafoss falls at the top of The Golden Circle. I set out to capture these gorgeous falls with all of their power and glory. Using diagonal strokes to capture the energy and strength of the cascades, I also wanted to show the mountains they were tumbling over as the water gushed and tumbled. Dramatic sunset clouds drift by, adding to the rhythm and emotion of this special place.The colors were so beautiful in the sky and created a rainbow of reflected colors in the cascading water. Sketching out my composition and squeezing out my colors ahead of time helped me be able to capture this fleeting moment. I hope you can hear the surging water and feel the joy of this magical place.
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