New “Freedom II” Palette Knife Oil Painting by Niki Gulley

“Freedom II” ©2019 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 20″ x 30″ textured oil painting
Just Delivered! I was recently asked to create this whimsical girl on the swing for a commission by someone who had scene a similar painting of a little boy that I had painted hanging in one of my collector’s homes. I was so thrilled to paint this for her! Filled with joy and movement, I hope “Freedom II” captures the spirit of swinging from sturdy branches on a lazy summer day. Using swirling shapes and strokes, in addition to the circular composition, all help to create the energy of the moment while fun pops of color add to the excitement. Life-size bare feet swing toward you adding to the fun of the moment. Set against rolling hills with home in the distance, you can fly high and soar on a dream.For more information on my contemporary impressionistic palette knife paintings, please e-mail Niki Gulley.

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