Mountain Hideaway oil painting – SOLD

“Mountain Hideaway” ©2010 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 18″ x 48″ oil on canvas

I just sold this painting to a collector in Chicago and it’s one of my favorites. A few years back, I visited Colorado to be inspired by the aspens turning color and to see the gorgeous mountains and scenery. I love it there! My husband and I ventured off the main roads and were exploring back in ranch land where there were hardly any signs of city life. At a couple of points, we even had to wait for the ranchers to round up their cattle herds out of the middle of the roads in order for us to drive in deeper – not something we witness in Dallas!

I wanted to capture that feeling of nostalgia in “Mountain Hideaway.” I particularly liked this one ranch – their barn and wood post fence had so much character. I liked how the mountains surrounded the property and created such a beautiful backdrop. The panorama format really worked well to give you a sense of scale and the sprawling landscape. I liked how the road zigged and zagged next to the property, too, leading you back to the house. Also, it was just slightly overcast and the sun would peak out once in a while, creating this beautiful dramatic lighting that I had to capture.