“Looking Up II” Aspen Tree painting by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Looking Up II” ©2018 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 24″ x 12″ textured oil on canvas
Just Sold! In this painting I wanted you to feel that child-like wonder of staring up in into the treetops and the heavens above. I chose vibrant, cheerful yellows and golds contrasted against a blue sky with the clouds drifting so that as you gaze overhead, you get the feeling of not having a care in the world. One large trunk in the foreground guides you and gives you a sense of size and perspective, while leading your eye upward. Arranging the aspens in a circular pattern heightened by thick, curving paint strokes, all add to that joyful, playful feeling of hope and discovery. 
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