Evolving Seasons

I wanted to create a large horizontal quadriptych, or four piece painting, that would flow from one season to the next to show the beauty of the forest throughout the year. Working on such a large scale invites you to step right into the scene and take a walk through the woods, enjoying all of the peace and joy that nature has to offer.

Here you can see all four paintings in a row, flowing from spring to summer and fall to winter. Rather than show the same exact scene at four different times of year, I decided I would rather show one long forest evolving from one season to the next to create a better harmony across the canvases. From the ground gently undulating underneath, to the pine trees flowing from canvas to canvas, to the rhythm created from aspens and oaks repeating, to the foliage and
pops of color emerging and drifting into the distance, all elements are designed to add to the flowing symphony in “Evolving Seasons.”

“Evolving Seasons” – Four 48” x 36” canvases to form a 48” x 144” quadriptych • textured oil painting
on 1.5” wrap around canvas with the painting continuing around the edges • $26,500