Day 5, Greece Art Trek with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams – Sunset Cruise

Day 5, Sunset Boat Cruise – Greece Art Trek
5″ x 7″ oil painting by Niki Gulley
That afternoon we rode the cable cars to the port below and caught a boat cruise that ferried us across the bay and around the island at sunset. Stopping at the volcano, some of our group hiked to the top, which was quite intriguing with its sci-fi type lava rock. Meanwhile some of us pulled out our paints and sketched the scenery around us. I particularly liked the casual posture and conversation of these two ladies who were part of our group, so I chose them for my subject. Both were wearing their new hats, which glowed in the sunlight. With just an hour to paint, all we could do is loosely capture a particular feeling. A fun challenge!
Next we stopped at a hot spring for anyone who wanted to swim. And, finally we cruised around the island enjoying the view from the water while the sunset on the horizon, sipping some Greek wines and nibbling on some local meats and cheeses. A great end to the day!
Watching sunset from the boat cruise.
Next summer we will be leading an Art Trek to Spain and the following year we will be headed to Tuscany, England and Ireland, so if you’ve always dreamed of painting, photographing and sightseeing in Europe, please join us for one of these amazing trip! Details will be coming soon on

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