Day 3 Venice Art Trek with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams

“Wash and Dry,” Burano ©2013 Niki Gulley
10″ x 8″ • textured oil painting
On the third day of our Venice Art Trek, the weather turned fairly cold and misty so we were only able to get started on our paintings. (My sketch below shows you how much we could paint before the rain came in.) So not letting a few drops dampen our spirits, we stopped for a Venetian coffee and pastry on the way back to the hotel, and fueled by caffeine and sugar we finished up working back at home. Some chose to complete paintings they had been working on the day before, and I thought the decor was so elegant, I decided to paint our hotel room. Capping off the day, we went out for a delicious meal that night!

If you’d like to join us on one of our upcoming European Art Treks, please let me know. Closer to home I’ll be leading a Plein Air Painting Workshop sponsored through the Good Art Company gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, April 5-7.

Tuscany, Italy – Sept. 6-14, 2013
Cinque Terre and Lake Como, Italy – Sept. 13-22, 2013
Provence, France – June 2014
Plein Air Painting / Photography Workshop
Led by Niki Gulley and Scott Williams
For more details, E-mail Niki Gulley or go to

Plein Air Painting in the Texas Hill Country
During bluebonnet and wildflower season!
April 5-7, 2013

These workshops are filling up quickly, so we encourage you to register soon!