“Cross Hatch” Palette Knife Aspen Tree Painting by Niki Gulley

“Cross Hatch”
SOLD • 12″ x 18″ textured oil by Niki Gulley
Just Sold! Recently, we visited Santa Fe and to escape the heat we ventured up the Santo de Cristo mountains to cool down amongst the beautiful, refreshing aspen trees. I was attracted to this grouping of trunks in particular with their beautiful textured white bark and their proximity and angles to each other. Their verticality offset by the horizontal logs on the ground made for an interesting composition. On this piece, I decided to pull in tight on the trunks, really focusing on the peeling bark and gnarled knots. I chose to include just a sliver of the sentinels behind to give you a sense of being surrounded by the peaceful forest and accentuating the rhythm in the upright trunks. Pops of red add to the joy and energy of the moment. I hope you, too, can feel the serenity of this rejuvenating place.
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