“Bursting with Color” oil diptych at Madison’s Art Fair on the Square

“Bursting with Color” ©2011 Niki Gulley
Two 24” x 24” textured oil paintings on canvas to form a 24” x 48” diptych

I love it when we are driving leisurely through the countryside and we come across a gorgeous field of wildflowers. The sudden burst of color thrills your senses! Playing with color and texture, I feel like this poppy painting radiates with energy and captures the joy you feel on one of the first beautiful days of spring.

With this series, you can purchase either the left or the right painting to hang alone or display both side by side to form a panorama diptych.

E-mail Niki Gulley for more information on her textured floral paintings.
Or, to see more of her work, stop by her booth at Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI this weekend, (July 9 & 10). mmoca.org