Nature’s Brushstrokes IV

Niki Gulley, Dallas, contemporary impressionist, poppy painting

I love it when we are driving through the countryside and we come across a gorgeous field of wildflowers. The sudden burst of color thrills your senses! I wanted to capture the rhythm, color, and density of this brilliant carpet of red. Making sure not to over blend my thick strokes so that you could see the marks and feel the energy found in nature. Repeating patterns and waves of color create a harmony within the painting, while rendering the blooms and their surroundings abstractly plays with taking a traditional subject matter and showing it in a contemporary way.
“Nature’s Brushstrokes IV” 
24″ x 48″ diptych textured mixed media painting on 1.5” wrap around
canvas with the painting continuing around the edges
*** Available through The Good Art Company Gallery ***

*** Roll your cursor over the painting above to see a detailed view of the texture.

Texas, contemporary impressionist, poppy, dallas texas artist, Niki Gulley paintings