Ice Drift

Iceland, contemporary impressionist, daily painting, dallas texas artist, travel art, Niki Gulley paintings

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9″ x 12″ Textured Oil Painting on Panel

After enjoying the gentle beauty in Southern Iceland, we worked our way around the country counterclockwise and visited the frozen lagoons and icebergs in the east next. Uniquely shaped large ice chunks float along gorgeous turquoise waters as they drift out to sea. Each one has a distinct shape and color that make them fascinating to watch. This afternoon, I set out to capture this rather interesting square ice piece with aqua blue diagonal ridges running through it. I pulled in fairly tightly so you could focus on its design and then I painted in a glimpse of the mountain behind it to give you a sense of scale. Meanwhile, the water below becomes slightly blurry as the ice chunks slowly drift by and we are caught up in the mesmerizing moment.