Falling Water III

For our next Iceland adventure, you guessed it – we visited another waterfall! This one is so magical and unique since you can walk behind the falls and peer out the cave as the water rushes from above crashing into the reservoir below. I set out to capture the gorgeous falls with all of their power and glory. Trying to find a dry enough place to paint where the mist wouldn’t keep erasing my drawing was a challenge, but on my third try, I finally found a good spot! Trying to time it so that I could capture the sun as it was setting in the distance just added to the enchanting feel of this location. I hope you, too, can feel these cascades power and beauty.
“Falling Water III”
9″ x 12″ textured oil painting on panel. 
Framed in 3” espresso frame.• SOLD
*** Roll your cursor over the painting to see a detailed view of the texture.