Falling Water III

Iceland, contemporary impressionist, daily painting, dallas texas artist, travel art, Niki Gulley paintings



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12″ x 9″ Textured Oil Painting on Panel


Next up on our Iceland itinerary was visiting another waterfall. My husband and I love waterfalls, and it feels like Iceland has one even better than the next around every bend! So, needless to say we were pretty happy painting and photographing all of the falls the country had to offer. This cascade that we visited today is smaller in stature but no less impressive. It tumbles down over the rocky mountain and empties into a river carving its way through the lush, craggy valley below. I wanted to capture not only the falls, but the water’s path as it flows and snakes its way around the towering rock formations. Other than the midges that would swarm when the sun came out, it was a perfect afternoon!