Plein Air Painting taught by Niki Gulley, Santa Fe

SANTA FE ART TREK:  Plein Air Painting / Photography Workshop with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams  
Day 4, afternoon location – Red Rocks
9″ x 12″ textured oil by Niki Gulley
That afternoon, we moved on to this fascinating rock outcropping that seems to rise out of nowhere with intense red hues and hundreds of cracks and crevices that actually look hand-sculpted rather than naturally made. Again, each painter picked a different vantage point, with some capturing the whole formation, while others cropped in tight on a close-up of the cliffs, and I chose to just include the edge of them contrasted against the distant purple mountain and a sliver of the road cutting through the rocky terrain.
Painting at the red rocks formation.
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