New Painting Workshop, “Coloring Outside the Lines” with Niki Gulley

“Colorful Transformation” ©2012 Niki Gulley
36″ x 48″ textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

With “Colorful Transformation,” I wanted to focus on brilliant color and simple shapes to see if I could communicate the excitement I feel when surrounded by nature. Using energetic diagonal strokes and thick, textured paint, I hope you get a sense of the motion in the leaves and the power of nature to invigorate your spirit. I just love how this piece captured that essence!

I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching a 3 day workshop, “Coloring Outside the Lines” at my gallery in Fredericksburg, TX Nov. 2-4. So if you would like to learn how to paint with more freedom and color, please join me for this fun-filled workshop!
“Coloring Outside the Lines”
Painting workshop with Niki Gulley
9am to 4 pm daily • Nov. 2, 3, 4
The Good Art Company • Fredericksburg, TX
Registration Deadline • Oct. 16th
Contact for more details on her workshops 
or for more information on her birch painting, “Colorful Transformation.”

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Painting Workshop March 27th

“Turtle Creek Impressions” by Niki Gulley
16″ x 20″ pastel • SOLD

I painted this piece at Turtle Creek in Dallas when the Azaleas were in full bloom. I wanted to capture not only their beautiful spring colors, but also the reflections in the water. A slight breeze gives a little shimmer to the creek’s surface.

If you’d like to expand your painting into a whole new world outside the studio, join me for my “Conquering Cabin Fever” plein air painting workshop next weekend. They are predicting no rain and 70 degrees, too! See for more details. I’d love to have you join us!

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