New “Golden Hour” Oil Painting from Tuscany by Niki Gulley

“Golden Hour,” Tuscany ©2020 Niki Gulley
 16″ x 20” textured oil painting
During our Tuscany Foodie Trek, we visit the wine mecca of Montepulciano and tour a couple of wineries while sampling their delicious Rosso and Vino Nobile wines. Besides loving their red grapes, I also have fallen in love with the beautiful landscape around there. One night we stopped to capture the setting sun and the golden hour before sunset where everything the sun touches gets bathed in a gorgeous yellow orange glow, creating dramatic highlights and long shadows. 
Close up texture detail:
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Day 2, Tuscany Art Trek with Niki Gulley

12×9 oil painting by Niki Gulley

Day 2, Montepulciano – Tuscany Art Trek

We woke up the next morning to beautiful blue skies with gorgeous puffy white clouds. We set up our easels at this amazing overlook in Montepulciano, with the whole valley spreading out before us. With so much to choose from for our subject, we decided to focus in on the church below. Our light was constantly changing from the beautiful clouds above so we had to paint quickly, and consequently each of our reactions to the scene came out differently on our canvases. I loved the variety in each artist’s work!

Pat Lautner and Sheri Jones painting at the gorgeous Montepulciano overloook.

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