New “Resting Spot” Palette Knife Painting by Niki Gulley

“Resting Spot” ©2020 Niki Gulley
9″ x 12” textured oil painting

Taking a moment to relax during a road trip to Western New York, I found this picturesque place to set up and paint. The bench was situated in the perfect spot to just sit back and relax as the boats paraded across the sparkling water. What a great way to spend the morning! 


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“Aqua Dreams” textured oil painting

“Aqua Dreams” ©2012 Niki Gulley
36” x 60” textured oil on canvas

When we arrived at this tranquil spot, the early morning light was very cool in color, but as the sun began to rise from the horizon, it shone this beautiful warm light that shimmered on the water’s surface and cast its hope of what was to come from the brand new day. I remember the peacefulness I felt in that moment, and a sense that anything was possible. In Aqua Dreams, by showing the contrast in the cool aqua/blues in the foreground waters against the warm golden glow on the distant pond’s edge, I wanted to share that feeling of hope and promise communicated by nature.

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