New “Aspen Delight” Palette Knife Painting by Niki Gulley


“Aspen Delight II” 
SOLD • 24″ x 30″ textured mixed media painting on 1.5″ stretched canvas
with painting continuing around the sides

Just Sold! Painting in the mountains, especially this year was so cathartic and emotional. It was such a joy to be there surrounded by these amazing fall colors, that it would bring me to tears every day. I felt so fortunate to be able to do this when so many people weren’t able to travel, that I poured my heart and soul into every painting. I hope that you can feel the joy that I felt when you see them.


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New “Nova” Textured Aspen Tree Painting by Niki Gulley


“Nova” ©2022 Niki Gulley
36″ x 36″ textured mixed media painting 
on 1.5″ wrap around canvas with the painting continuing around the edges
Inspired by this gorgeous aspen grove, I wanted to capture the magical morning light casting its warm glow on the forest. Peaceful and mysterious, the sun’s rays peek through the knotted trunks causing the landscape to dance with light and awaken with autumn’s kaleidoscope of colors. Loaded with texture and layers and layers of paint, the forest shimmers with hope and discovery for the new day.

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Energetic Fall Aspen Tree Painting by Palette Knife Artist Niki Gulley


“Seasonal Changes” ©2022 Niki Gulley
12″ x 12″ Textured Acrylic Painting on 1.5″ Stretched Canvas 
Painting continues around the edges so that it can be hung without a frame.
I have alway loved watching the seasons change, going from grey and white, moving into greens and yellows and finishing with the gorgeous reds, golds and oranges of fall.

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