SOLD – Sunflower and Lavender Painting by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Sunny Days,” Provence ©2015 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 9″ x 12″ textured oil painting

I painted this colorful sunflower and lavender field oil during our Plein Air Painting and Photography Art Trek my husband and I led in Provence this past July. The vivid hues and aroma explosion were out of this world – a painter’s and photographer’s dream come true. The fields stretched for miles along the vast open landscape. Words can’t even describe how special that moment was, and I hope you experience the joy I felt when you look at this uplifting palette knife painting.

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SOLD – Dallas Skyline Painting by Texas Artist Niki Gulley

“Golden Moment, White Rock Lake” ©2016 Niki Gulley
SOLD • Textured oil on canvas • 12″ x 24″
On a peaceful autumn day last fall, I went out with my camera to White Rock Lake and captured this beautiful sunset behind the Dallas skyline. I liked how the pampas grass and various plants in the foreground were back lit by the setting sun and how the water’s surface was shimmering from the low light, adding to a sense of mystery and tranquility in that golden moment.
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New Palette Knife Sunflower Painting by Niki Gulley at the Good Art Company Gallery

“Memories of Sunshine II” ©2016 Niki Gulley
30″ x 40″ textured painting on wrap around canvas

“Memories of Sunshine” was inspired by our trip to Provence, France last summer. Our timing was perfect and the sunflowers were in full bloom. Their bright, smiling faces as big as dinner plates, the sun dappled path leading you deep into the golden field to the quaint stone farmhouse in the distance, and a beautiful summer day with a few peaceful clouds drifting by made for the ideal subject. The resulting painting is full of warmth, color and texture, and my hope is that when you gaze into it, this piece lifts your spirits and brightens up any spot in your home.If you are interested in purchasing “Memories of Sunshine II,” please contact my gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, The Good Art Company. For details, visit

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