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Painting / Photography Workshop in Venice, Italy – May 2010

November 14th, 2009

“Window with a View” ©2009 Niki Gulley
pastel 12″ x 9″ • Venice, Italy

I created this pastel on the final day of our painting / photography workshop in Venice. We had beautiful weather all week and the last day we encountered some drizzle and had to paint under cover. I really liked this particular spot with the balcony overlooking the canal.

I always tell my students to get down the light and any movable objects quickly, and this was no exception! Less than a minute after I finished the gondola, its owner and 2 passengers cast off raindrops and all.

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Plein air painting workshop in Venice, Italy

November 12th, 2009
“Romantic Journey” • Venice, Italy • SOLD
Pastel by Niki Gulley • 10″ x 8″

I created this pastel during the workshop my husband and I taught in Venice this May and recently finished a few final details in the studio. We love the city, and there is so much inspiration in Venice between the art, architecture, canals and magical light that it’s really hard to narrow down what to paint! On this day, we decided to stick with a classic view of the canals. I like the way light peeks through the narrow passageway and leads your eye from building to building, and the gondola that happened into the scene created the perfect finishing detail.

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