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New “Resolute” Palette Knife Oil Painting by Texas Artist Niki Gulley

December 9th, 2013
“Resolute” ©2013 Niki Gulley
24” x 18” textured oil painting
From our travels, I have become fascinated with the textures, hues and extreme variety we encounter in different terrains. I was intrigued by this one lone tree thriving in this rocky narrow canyon while only  receiving a few hours of sunshine a day. The unique striations and colors in the cliffs were amazing, too. Painted with palette knife and extremely thick oil paint, this painting is loaded with dimension, color and energy!
E-mail Niki Gulley for more information on her contemporary landscape paintings.
Or, visit to see more of her available palette knife paintings.

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New “Make a Wish” Palette Knife Autumn Aspen Tree Painting by Niki Gulley

November 29th, 2013
“Make a Wish” ©2013 Niki Gulley
20” x 16” textured oil painting
Reaching to the heavens above, this wishbone shaped aspen tree stretches tall, inviting you to stare in wonderment like a kid again, wishing on a dream. Painted with palette knife and extremely thick oil paint, this painting is loaded with texture, color, energy and movement!
E-mail Niki Gulley for more information on her palette knife aspen tree and contemporary landscape paintings.

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“Curves Ahead” New Textured Palette Knife oil painting by Niki Gulley

August 5th, 2013
“Curves Ahead” ©2013 Niki Gulley
30″ x 40” textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

On this trip, it felt like we were flying up and down these curvy mountain roads almost like we were on an adult roller coaster. So I wanted to have a little fun in my painting and capture that sense of movement and playful excitement. Choosing bright vivid colors an curving my strokes almost in a fish-eye composition, add to the youthful energy and thrill of adventure that I wanted to communicate.

For more information on my textured palette knife oil paintings, please e-mail me at Niki Gulley.

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“Paved by Sunlight” Textured Oil Painting by Niki Gulley

August 2nd, 2013
“Paved by Sunlight” ©2013 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 30″ x 40″ textured oil on canvas
Just Sold! I wanted you to feel the joy and peacefulness of walking through an aspen forest on a beautiful summer day in Colorado. With soft light illuminating the walkway and the distance sparkling in golden light, the only sounds to be heard are a slight breeze flickering the leaves overhead and the serenity of being immersed in nature. What lies ahead? The mysterious glow from beyond beckons you forward.
E-mail Niki Gulley for more information on her textured aspen and birch oil paintings.

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“Heightened Awareness” Palette Knife Aspen Tree Painting by Niki Gulley

May 15th, 2013
Awareness III ©2013 Niki Gulley
48″ x 36″ • Textured mixed media on canvas

In this painting I wanted you to feel that child-like wonder of staring up in into the treetops and the heavens above. I chose vibrant, cheerful yellows contrasted against a violet blue sky filled with big, puffy clouds. And, by arranging the aspens in a circular pattern heightened by thick, curving paint strokes, that joyful, playful feeling of hope and discovery are enhanced.

If you’d like more information on my textured aspen and birch tree paintings, e-mail Niki Gulley.

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“Ivory Refrain” textured aspen oil painting

November 28th, 2011

“Ivory Refrain” ©2011 Niki Gulley
24” x 30” textured oil on canvas

Scrolling bark peels back like white washed parchment revealing secrets in the deeply textured wood below. A painting of grace and beauty, it’s verticality offset by embracing branches wound round as a sheltering arm. Each stroke is crisp, vivid, defined by thick textured oil, rich colors strike a reververberating chord – purple and the compliment of gold create a visual vibration that resonates in an optical song.

To see more of my aspen and birch tree oil paintings, please visit my website at

E-mail Niki Gulley for more information.

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New Textured Aspen Paintings at Art in the Square

April 15th, 2011

“Autumn Splendor” ©2011 Niki Gulley
36” x 48” textured oil on wrap around canvas

Shimmering colors of autumn: Aspen trees quiver, their light graceful leaves tremble and quake, silver and gold, silver and gold with each light breeze. There is the quiet energy of change coming and vibrant color charges the woods. Crisp fall mountain air, clean bright skies overhead, a band of slender straight trunks cut bright strokes of white against a dazzling tumble of green, crimson and gold.

You may see this painting and more of my textured oil paintings at my booth this weekend at Art in the Square, Booth #J5, in Southlake, TX. Visit for details.

E-mail Niki Gulley for more information on my aspen and birch tree paintings.

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Skyward Bound oil painting

November 12th, 2010

“Skyward Bound” ©2010 Niki Gulley
oil on canvas • 30″ x 40″
In “Skyward Bound,” I wanted you to feel like a little kid again looking up into the treetops, enjoying the beautiful sky and colors above. We forget to do that as adults – we’re so focused on straight ahead! Choosing vivid reds, yellows, blues and greens in addition to the perspective from below adds to that playful mood.
If you’d like more information on Skyward Bound, e-mail me at

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